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As well as the physical impact, cyber security breaches can also cause reputational damage. ... All businesses, no matter its size, needs to ensure everyone involved in the company is up to date on the latest cyber security threats and the best methods for protecting data.

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Intore Security Lab is an information security company that protects organisations through Red Teaming, Penetration testing, Vulnerability assessment and More.

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Our assessment services help Organizations understanding their Security posture.

Application Security Assessment

Red Teaming

Internal/External Penetration Testing

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Intore Security Lab is Youth talented company in security system emerged to focus exclusively the Information Security related businesses. By adopting the mindset of the adversary, utilising the latest blackhat tools and providing in-depth analysis and complete post-test care, Intore Security Lab’s dedicated professionals can help organisations of all sizes make significant improvements to their cyber security. Our engagements have a 100% success rate. The strong technical skills of our Intore Security provide our customers with a world class consulting and services in the field of Information security.

CEO - Awesomity Lab

" We were very impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of Intore Security Lab's team. Work was delivered on time and in a very professional manner. If you're looking for quality advice when it comes to your app's security, Intore Lab is definitely the company to choose. "

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About Us

Name: Intore Security Lab

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Services: Cyber Security Services - Application Security Assessment, Red Teaming, Internal/External Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audit

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+(250)781693008 / (250)784438186

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